about iamoneworld phase one

IAMONEWORLD [I am one world /IAOW] originated during a dream at night. A vivid dream about discovering the world in a solar-powered vehicle based on the idea that all is one. Hundreds of people (crowdfunders, co-creators and professional partners) helped in the following years to realize this dream.

The Solar Mobile is built up of 12 solar panels and 17 batteries. It consists of two elements and, depending on the conditions (such as rolling resistance and gradients), can reach speeds of 25 km per hour. Under ideal circumstances, distances of 60 km or more can be achieved in one day.

The vehicle weighs 1300+ kg. It travelled the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal amongst others. At the moment the Solar Mobile is located in the Spanish mountains near the Mediterranean sea. It is possible to stay there, more info on this option follows soon.

A lot of information and photos about the whole project is packed in the publication ‘iamoneworld – realize your dream’, available as an artist’s edition and ebook.

Fact sheet:


Sponsors 10+ sponsors have contributed to the operational side of the first phase.

Professional partners 7 partners were involved in the realization of the project.

Crowd funding Since 2007 hundreds of iamoneworld shares have been sold to a great number of people. They received an artwork, had the opportunity to write their name on the Solar Mobile and were mentioned on the website.

Co-creation 100+ people have contributed to the realisation of the first phase of the project.

Content & social media:

Photography between 2007-2011 800+ photographs were shared on the web with 10.000+ views.

Video 10+ films have been made in relation to the project, getting 35.000+ views up to date, on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and in cinemas.

iamoneworld logo

2007-2012. Extended project that contains exhibitions, lectures, events, art works (video, photography, drawings, music etc.)
Location: NL, BE, PT

Commissions [selection]:
2018Brabant [Cultural Capital of Europe – candidate], Provincie Noord-Brabant [province], Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Stadsbibliotheek ‘s-Hertogenbosch [city library]

Partners [selection]:
2018Brabant [Cultural Capital of Europe – candidate], Provincie Noord-Brabant [province]

Sponsors [selection]:
Verkadefabriek [theater & film], Autorespond, Kusters, Cultuurfonds ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Mindz, Seats2Meet, Outdoordacht, Soios, Solar Insurance & Finance, Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch SM-S

Exhibitions [selection]:

2012 CBK ‘Solar Transit’ ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL
2011 OBRAS Estremoz Portugal
2011 Public Library ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL

Events [selection]:

2012 Verkadefabriek ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL – Book presentation iamoneworld – Realize Your Dream. Speakers: Peke Hofman, Jos van der Ven.

2010 Seats2Meet Utrecht NL – ‘Manifest your dream’ event & inauguration of the Solar Mobile. Speakers: Martijn Aslander, Laura Babeliowsky, Bart Rutten, Coen van Veenendaal, Wietse Veenstra, Gerwin Verschuur.

2008 SM’s [Stedelijk Museum] ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL – iamoneworld inspiration day. Speakers: Martijn Aslander, Sanne Roemen.

Presentations [selection]:

2011 Centro Ciência Viva da Floresta, Proença-a-Nova, Portugal
2011 Ciencia Viva, Estremoz, Portugal
2011 Palacio de Dom Manuel, Evora, Portugal
2010 Standup Inspiration, Toomler Amsterdam NL
2010 Ugame Ulearn – inFLUX, TU Delft NL
2010 Public Library, ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL

Book publications:

iamoneworld RYD ebook

iamoneworld – Realize Your Dream ebook. More info

iamoneworld RYD artists edition
iamoneworld – Realize Your Dream artist’s edition. More info

video: iamoneworld – Travelling on solar energy: Maiden Trip of the Solar Mobile

Maiden Trip of the Solar Mobile:12 solar panels, 17 batteries, 25 km p. hour. A dream comes true!


inspirational video: iamoneworld – Take The Leap


A few years ago I had a dream
At night
I was travelling around the world in a solar-powered vehicle,
Sharing my creative work as an artist
Making music
And meeting a lot of people on the way
All based on the awareness that everything is connected
All is one

The vision took root
And the seed began to grow

A lot of people started helping me
Innovative engineers, fast web developers, welders, carpenters, CEOs and students

Finally, the Solar Mobile was finished.
12 solar panels, 17 batteries, 25 km an hour.
And we made our maiden trip in the Dutch countryside.

Then it was time to start travelling.
Slow Travel.
A new challenge.

The first expeditions on solar energy took place in the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.
I met farmers, priests, schoolchildren, policemen and electricians.
Cameramen, journalists and the occasional mayor.

And again and again people asked me: what’s your goal?

Was it driving around the world in a solar-powered vehicle?
Producing a lot of art?
Or spreading the awareness that all is one?
Was I living my dream?

After a while I discovered that my goal was to share my way.
I found out that the way is much more interesting than the anticipated prize at the end of the horizon.

Because the way is always present.
It is the ever changing here and now.
Always / All ways.

Being aware in the moment is the ultimate goal.
It’s the only way to become who you really are.
To make choices based on who you really are.
To realize your dreams.
To be one.

In time we can unfold.
And in timelessness we are.

Life is the most precious gift we have.
Accept it fully.

Take the leap.

[Time is irrelevant.
It’s rhythm that counts.]

Traveling on solar power was accompanied by an intense inner journey [read the last blogpost from the iaow phase one website for reference here). A trip focused on the essentials. Now iamoneworld is home to a clan of artist warriors, to explore these worlds even further.