about iamoneworld

iamoneworld (I am one world / iaow) was conceived by Dutch artist / musician Ingrid van den Boogaard. During a vivid dream at night she dreamt she was exploring the world in a solar powered vehicle from the idea that All is One, everything is connected.

Hundreds of people (via crowdfunding, co-creation and professional partnerships) helped in the following years to realize this dream. For more info, photos and videos about the first phase of iamoneworld, click here. A publication about this 5 year adventurous art project has been made and is available as an artists book and ebook.

The 5 year project and the traveling on solar power through different countries, 25 km p.h. max., was accompanied by an intense inner journey of soul searching, exploring the depths of life and focussing on the essentials.

From January 1st 2017 iamoneworld is home to a clan of artists warriors which explore these depths and hights even further.
Blogposts signed by iamoneworld are made by the clan; some others are made and signed by Ingrid.

Want to be inspired by this journey? Click here.


Ingrid van den Boogaard

Ingrid van den Boogaard
artist / musician